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Human Classes

Normal Human: Identified by a bandana on their left arm, the human can wield blasters, socks, or darts to defend against zombies.

Antidote: An antidote is a human mechanic that allows the holder to survive a tag. If tagged, the human player will surrender the antidote to the zombie who tagged them. The human is then granted safe passage to the nearest human group during a mission and nearest building during the day. Antidotes are only transferable between players immediately upon reception. Players cannot possess more than one antidote at any given time. A zombie who tags a player holding an antidote is not automatically stunned. The antidote has it's own code.

Riot Shield: The Riot Shield is a human mechanic that can be used to block zombies and special zombie classes. Tags to the Shield do not count as tags; however tags to the player holding the shield do count.

The Golden Gun: The golden gun is similar to an antidote but can only be used to bring back a zombie that has died at that mission. To revive a zombie, they must be shot by a human player during the mission or at the debrief directly following. The Golden Gun operates on special limited ammunition.


The Sayonara: MEGA Centurion connected to a backpack. Can be used to destroy a zombie class and revert them to a normal zombie for the duration of the mission. Sayonara operates on special limited ammmunition. Spent darts cannot be recovered by normal players. The affected zombie must turn over class markings to the moderators and continue play as a regular zombie. Does not affect mission specific classes (ie Mod Bosses etc…)

Ranger: Human with football flag affixed to their back. Killed when the flag is removed by a zombie. Ranger can be stunned by special zombies.

Adrenaline Shot: Small vial that immunizes the holder against becoming stunned in place by any zombie classes that stun (to include spitters, smokers, psychos,chargers, jockeys and wraiths)

Engineer Ring: Deployable ring made of rope and pool noodles. Forms a ring on the ground. Human players standing in the ring are invulnerable. Protection lasts for 2 minutes, Cooldown is 15 minutes.

Medic Blanket: Blanket that can be draped around the shoulders of a human player to save them within 30 seconds of being tagged. The blanket must be held around the tagged player for 10 seconds, though the medic is not safe while reviving another player.

Flak Jacket: Wearable combat vest that negates a tag. Can be transferred between players at any time. One time use and is surrendered to mods upon tag.

Mercenary NPC: 

Zombie Classes

**Mission Stun Times will vary from mission to mission, depending on number of players present at mission**

Zombie Class System:

All upgrades earned become active during the next mission. If changing tiers, earned points are divided by two, as given on the zombie's Zombie Cards.

kills -5pts     Mission Attendance - 5 pts     Objective- 2-10pts

Rage 10 pts [10 pts as a normal zombie]   Rezzer  10 pts 10 pts as a rage zombie]

Spitter 10 pts [10 pts as a normal zombie]    Smoker 10 pts [10 pts as a spitter]

Wraith 15 pts [15 pts as normal zombie]    Wendigo 10 pts [10 pts as wraith]

Psycho  15 pts [15 pts as a normal zombie   Swatter 10 pts [10 pts as a psycho]  

Brawler 10 pts [10 pts as a swatter]

White walker [30 pts as an OZ or Shade)

There can only be so many classes at a time, based on the mission, and equipment available. 

Normal Zombie: Identified by a bandana on their forehead. They are allowed to tag a human with a two hand touch. When a zombie is struck with a dart or sock, they become stunned. While stunned, Zombies cannot contact other zombies or give out information to other players. While stunned, a zombie is considered to not be playing during the stun time. This rule applies to all zombies.

Target Zombie: Non-player zombies; It is a role taken by a Moderator. Marked by the Moderator's Blue and White Bandanna, worn in the normal Zombie manner. Can be captured by being touched with a Pool Noodles. To transport the Target Zombie, the Target Zombie will hold one end of the noodle, a human holds the other end. Cannot be captured when stunned. If the Noodle is dropped by the human, or that human is killed, the Zombie is free, and may tag immediately. If the Target Zombie is tagged by a zombie, it is released and stunned, and must be recaptured when it spawns again. 

Rage Zombie: The Rage Zombie has a flat stun time of 5 minutes, indoors or outdoors. They are identified by an R on their headband.

Psycho: The Psycho wields a halved pool noodle in each hand. the zombie can make tags using the noodle arms, extending their reach. Both noodles must be touching the player to count as a tag. The noodles can also be used to swat away incoming darts. Human projectiles that hit the noodles do not count.

Spitter: Carries a sock which they can use to stun humans. The Spitter class is awarded to a zombie after killing 10 players. If a human is hit by the sock they are stunned in place for 2 minutes or until another human tags them with two hands. Humans that are stunned by the spitter sock must remain motionless and cannot defend themselves, nor can they call for help using their phones Once the sock has been thrown the spitter is stunned for 15 minutes. If stunned inside the spitter's stun timer is 10 minutes. Spitters can make assists by stunning humans who are then killed while stunned. Assists build up to earn additional socks.

The Spitter appears like a normal Zombie but armed with a Sock. 

Smoker: The Smoker operates in the same way as the spitter but has the advantage of being able to tag players. There is a 10 minute cool down between throwing their socks, during which they may not throw any socks. However, the Smoker can tag at any point and does not need to have used their sock beforehand or even hit their target. They are active until stunned by human fire. Same stun timers apply as the Spitter. 

Charger: The Charger may run in a straight line until they tag a human or hit something. They must be with 4 other zombies in order to make their charge. They are identified by a Mohawk helmet. While charging they are invulverable to darts and socks. The Charger is an upgradable class and may be equiped with pool noodles to extend its reach.

Human Stun in place (when tagged by charger): 30 seconds.

Brawler: The Brawler may deflect darts with a shield and tag with a large foam fist. They are denoted by their small round shield and carry a fist that is worn like a glove. Being tagged by the fist is equal to being tagged in the normal two-hand style.

MeatShield: The Wall Zombie cannot tag or interact with objectives. The wall acts as a shield that other zombies may hide behind. Any darts or socks that strike the Wall itself are nullified. To kill the Wall, the zombie holding it must be stunned.

HiveMind: A mobile spawn point for zombies to respawn on with a two hand touch, the spawn point moves slowly but is effective when among a large group of zombies. Hivemind can be stunned for the special timer by both socks and darts.

White Walker: Immune to all dart based weapons (darts, balls, discs, rockets etc...). Susceptible only to thrown socks. Marked by white gloves, white bandana, and duct tape twice across the chest.

Shade: First Zombie Tagged by the OZ can become a Shade. Functions as a standard zombie. After earning 30 points the shade can choose to revert to the human team or upgrade to a White Walker. Marked by a brown and white shoulder pauldron. Strips of tape keep track of tags.

Wendigo: A zombie class that includes two modes, Pursuit Mode and Wander Mode. In Wander Mode, a Sombrero is held or hung from the neck. When in Pursuit mode the sombrero must be on the head of the Wendigo.

When in Pursuit Mode:

When in Wander Mode:

Wraith: Invincible zombie that grabs onto a human player and holds them in place for 15 seconds. They cannot move, shoot or be unstunned during this time. The wraith is stunned at the end of the time.

Rezzer: Sits or kneels down where it is stunned. It can then count to 20 seconds and get back up to try and tag again. Once it is shot a second time, it waits its normal stun timer. To tag after being downed, the rezzer must be on its feet.

Swatter: Wears oven mitts that can smack darts away. Can tag.

Hydra: The Hydra consists of a ‘head’ zombie that wears a belt. Attached to the belt are bungee cord handles. Zombies attached to the handles cannot be stunned while the head is alive. If the head is tagged all zombies must drop the ropes and become vulnerable. 

Tank: Can only be stunned on the cookie sheet it wears on its back. The tank is identified by the T on the cookie sheet.


Moderator Classes


Medic Tank: Has the same stun rules as regular tank, but who's main foucs is to rez zombies. In order for the medic tank to rez a zombie, the zombie must be kneeling, and the tank has to place one hand on the zombies shoulder for 5 seconds (up to 2 zombies at once). The medic tank is not an aggresive class unless provoked. This is a moderator class, rez rates are at the discretion of the modertor before auto-stunning. 


Bawler: Cannot be stunned. When alarmed, will chase after a human/group of humans for five to ten seconds. Has two pool noodles to extend reach. A tag from one pool noodle results in death. Once she gets a kill, or it has been ten seconds, she will stop chasing and resume her wailing in place, or wailing while wandering. She can then be alerted and trigger her again.


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